Al.Mabarra Teaching hospital

The hospital was established in 1940th by donations from royal princesses. The hospital construction was built as the same as that of the Gutenberg Hospital in Germany and since that the hospital was one of the most eminent health establishments in Alexandria. In 1964 the hospital joined the Alexandria Health Establishment and continued to provide state of art medical services. The hospital consists of a T Shaped building and in 2009 the inner part of the building was renovated with upgrading many departments as ER, outpatient's clinics, pharmacy, lab departments, ICU, NICU and inpatient departments. In 2016 the hospital joined GOTHI and a new era of development began. Now a new building is under construction and the outer part of the hospital is under restoration.




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Emergency Services

The department consists of 3 sections (examination room – interventional room – isolation room) Working Group: The ER department staffed by a department manager and a team of resident doctors and qualified nurses who have the ability to deal with the emergency cases. Services provided: (Emergency _internal medicine- Renal- Urology -Hepatic –Chest-Cardiac - Children and newborn Care- Radiology including CT)

Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Intermediate care units

The ICU department consists of 3 sections (general section – cardiac section – isolation section) The department consists of(11 beds,11 monitors,5 ventilators) Working Group: The ICU department staffed by a consultant, (5) ICU residents and well qualified nurses Services Provided: Department deals with all critical cases except the ones who require operations.

NICU and Pediatric Department

The department consists of 5 incubators Working group: A team consists of a consultant, (4) pediatric residents, and qualified nurses Services provided: The department deals with all pediatric and neonatal emergency cases and cold cases.

Inpatient department

The department consists of 23 beds in 13 different rooms. Working group: The department is staffed with a team (2) consultants, (7) internal residents, and well-trained nurses who have the ability to provide high quality service.

Outpatient department

About the department: There are 13 outpatient clinics (pediatric –surgery – obstetric – internal medicine- dermatology-urology-kidney- physical therapy – orthopedic- psychiatric – dental- ophthalmology – ENT) Outpatient appointments: From 9 am – 2 pm From 8am -8pm (clinics of internal medicine – ENT- dental) Papers required receiving services when patients attend: The patient national number.

Radiology department

A team of a department manager and ( 5) residents Available tests: X-rays – ultrasound – Computed Tomography Working Hours From 9 am to 2 Pm daily except emergency cases daily 24 hours

Laboratory Department

The laboratory department is considered one of the main departments in the hospital, which is the beating heart of hospitals. where all patient analyzes are carried out that help doctors diagnose patients' condition .The laboratory takes samples from patients, whether samples are blood, urine, stool, or any of the various body fluids or swabs from different places or from tissues and organs of the body.


It's mainly divided into two main departments There are 19 pharmacists 1-Central pharmacy Provide drugs to the patients admitted in the hospital departments. Clinical pharmacists play an important role in which they are responsible for ensuring the right and appropriate medication prescribed by the doctors. Service delivery time: 8:00 am till 8:00 pm 2-Outpatient Pharmacy It dispenses the medication written in the prescriptions needed by the out patients. Service delivery times: 9:30 am till 2:00 pm

Technical Institute of Nursing

The school was established in 1982 The technical institute of nursing was established in 2011 The technical institute was developed in 2019 Consists of five classes Number of trainers: 25 trainers. Training sites: 1-Alex university hospital 2- Al-Mabarra Teaching hospital


أ.د/ عمرو بيوميى - مدير عــــام المستشفى


أ.د/ سحر عشري - نائب المدير للشئون الفنية

Public Health

د.نبيل إسحق - استشاري و رئيس قسم الجراحة و الاستقبال والطواريء


د/ محمد ملوك استشاري ورئيس قسم الأنف والأذن والحنجرة



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